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Intercultural awareness around UHS
Students walked down a red carpet at the Wednesday lunchfest. (Belana Beeck)


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Intercultural Week ran from Monday, March 7 to Wednesday, March 9.

On Monday, flags from different countries were posted on the door of each classroom. Some flags were repeated and not every country of the students was represented. “It was pretty impossible to get every country,” said one of the Intercultural Liaisons Anja Seng (Sr.). “We didn’t have time to get all the flags and translate.” Flags that were seen around campus were from the U.S., Canada, Finland, Mexico, France, India, China, Japan, Korea, and a few other countries.

On Tuesday, there was a dance performance lunch fest held at the crossroads. The cultural dances included a Bollywood dance from the South Asian Student Association, a Korean Kpop dance from the Korean Club,  a Chinese yo-yo dance from the Chinese Diablo Club, a Chinese traditional fan dance from the Chinese Classical Dance Club and a Tahitian hula dance by Emi Takahata (Sr.).

“For the Chinese traditional dance, I found the performer’s dance to be very graceful and there was a lot of zen energy,” said Isis Carrillo (Jr.).

On Wednesday, students showed each culture’s traditional or modern clothing. Various cultural foods were provided before school in the 200s, 300s and 500s lockers.

Intercultural week took 2 months to set up fully, and we coordinated a lot with Nima [Mozhgani (Sr.)], the Clubs Commissioner to get in contact with clubs,” said Seng.

During lunch, the tables showcasing clubs were set across from the MPR. Many clubs had fliers and posters that informed activities and purposes of their clubs. A red carpet was set up in the area between the 200s and the front office. Models from different clubs showcased their cultural fashion in the walkway.  

The lunch fest took place in front of the MPR instead of the Crossroads because of the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association Festival and to draw better attendance from the students.

We decided to make the week more concise,” said Seng. “Putting the fashion show and club showcase together would make a more quality lunchfest.”

“Intercultural week is such a great experience at Uni. We are able to learn and be exposed to so many different cultures. From the traditional dances to the fashion show, every aspect of this week helps each and every one of us to become more diverse,” said Takahata.

Following Intercultural Week on Friday, clubs were given opportunity to sell to fundraise by selling a food option to the students during Clubapalooza. It was extended lunch, and the students were given almost an hour to choose from the various options of meals that the clubs offered.

The food course option varied from Halo Club’s donuts to Korean Club’s kimbap and ramen. Other clubs also sold In-N-Out hamburgers, and many clubs sold boba. “Clubapalooza was a great retail experience and helped build teamwork within my club, the Korean Club,” said Soobin Cho (So.).

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