With You: a reflection

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With You: a reflection

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All this time, I had been wandering alone. The world had been dark, lonely and cold.

   I took small steps–baby steps–until I arrived where I am right now. It was a difficult journey, one that was not at all taken for granted. I had encountered endless nights of crying out of frustration and days where I wanted to give up, but something kept me going. So, I kept going. Although my steps through life seemed uncoordinated and misleading, I never stopped. I counted my steps from the day I left everything dear to me. I was tricked into believing I was finally free from my past. But, then came You.

   The cold, heartless, You. The person I thought had a heart made of solid ice and the person I despised since I could not understand you. You, the person who unknowingly became an enormous part of my life. You, who had suddenly meant the whole world to me. You, the only person in my life to ever prove to me that there is beauty if I just looked for it in the smallest of things. You, the one who convinced me life was beautiful. You, the person who swore to stay by my side until we part.

   When we are together, I no longer have to wander alone. I know You will remain by my side, hand in hand. But now, my nights of frustration have ended, I would count my steps as I confidently stepped into a new life with you, a life full of joy and love.

And You were right. Life truly is beautiful.

(MCT 2008)

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