Nothing New: a poem

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Nothing New: a poem
(MCT 2007)

Expressions Editor

Six feet under,
Your love is a burden
Upon slim, weak shoulders
They cave and buckle under the weight
And I’m six feet under.

Sooty eyes,
Take them off of me so I can leave.
Trying to crawl out of pupils so dilated
Pinned down by a stare so shallow
And your sooty eyes.

Crumpled paper,
The time I wanted to resign from your love
Because it was much stronger than mine
And if I stay the only thing I’ll be is just fine.
And crumpling paper isn’t new.

Every love of mine,
I’ve loved too much
Or much too kind
And I’m left with a grave
Dug until I’m six feet under
And sooty eyes haunt the tomb in which I lie
The eulogy is crumpled by my side
And I’m just fine.

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