Snow in San Diego: a reflection

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Snow in San Diego: a reflection
(MCT 2002)

                                                                                       By ANONYMOUS

If you ever look around you, you’ll find a lot of things.
You’ll find wonder in the face of the little boy looking outside the airplane window, because it’s his first time flying and the turbulence is just so cool.
You’ll find apprehension in the face of the woman sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, awaiting the result of her husband’s surgery, and it’s been hours.
You’ll find joy in the face of the girl who won forty dollars on her scratch ticket, because she’s been buying those things for years and she finally won something.
You’ll find despair in the face of the college student who had decided to camp outside the Apple store on the night before the release of the new iPad, only to see that the line of people already reached two blocks away from the store.
You’ll find excitement in the face of the old man who woke up early to prepare his wife breakfast in bed for their forty-seventh wedding anniversary, because he had planned the best day for the both of them, and he’ll get to spend the whole day by her side.
You’ll find nervousness in the face of the dad standing outside the door to his house, his hand poised to knock, because he had been on a business trip for three months, and he wanted to surprise his family when he came back, but what if they didn’t even care that he was gone, because he was always gone on business trips?
You’ll find amusement in the face of the girl watching her friend dancing to the street musicians on the boardwalk, because it’s a clear night and her friend is really good at dancing badly.
You’ll find exasperation in the faces of the girls babysitting their neighbor’s three toddlers, because they refuse to go to bed; they want to watch Inside Out, and they want to eat chicken nuggets, and they want it all right now.
You’ll find relief in the face of the mother who found her six-year-old son walking down the dairy aisle of the supermarket, because she told him not to wander off and she was so worried that she had lost him.
You’ll find perseverance in the face of the high school student drinking a cup of coffee at two in the morning, because she has to get her Spanish project done and read three chapters of her assigned novel before she will let herself sleep.
You can find hope in the face of the little girl who waits by the window every day after Halloween to see if the snow has come yet, even though she lives in San Diego. But before she moved there, she lived in Vermont, where it snowed so much every year, so she just knows it will snow in San Diego. And maybe it will.

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