Students honor UHS staff members during Staff Appreciation Week

Carlos Lopez (Security) accepts his award for Best Golf Cart Maneuverer from Staff Liaisons. (Courtesy of Yearbook)

Staff Writer

Staff Appreciation Week, an annual tradition focused on thanking UHS staff for all they have accomplished throughout the year and saying farewell to departing faculty, was April 4 through 8 and put on by Staff Liaisons Elise Rio (Sr.) and Victoria Pham (Jr.).

This year, the major events during the week were the staff dodgeball competition and Tommy Awards. Students voted online beforehand for their teachers to win in a variety of categories, such as “Best Storyteller” and “Best Dressed.”

According to Rio, “This year, we tried to make categories that would include a wider variety of faculty, such as Best Golf Cart Maneuverer.”

ASB also held raffles each morning during second period. All staff members were entered in the raffle and had the chance to win a present, usually a coupon or gift card donated to the school from various local businesses.

Tables were also set up on Monday throughout the school for students to write thank you cards to teachers who made a meaningful impact on them.

“The thank you card writing tables were very successful this year; we had a lot of students write thank you cards so I was very happy. We also had excellent attendance on Wednesday during lunch at the dodgeball game and Tommy Award Ceremony,” said Rio.

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