Faculty Follies comes to UHS after 3 years

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Faculty Follies comes to UHS after 3 years
The Faculty Follies poster designed by Ms. Dana Kramer (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.).

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This year’s Faculty Follies will take place from Thursday, May 12 through Saturday, May 14 at 7PM, at the price of $10 per ticket. Tickets were sold on Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29.

The Faculty Follies are a long-standing tradition at UHS and take place every three years. The production team for the Follies explained its history, saying that they were “created in 1986 after a strike throughout the IUSD. Staff morale was low, so someone came up with the idea for a show that would help bring people together in a healing process and generate a sense of camaraderie. Ever since that year, the Follies has occurred every three years with proceeds going to scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in education.”

The Follies, named for their foolishness and glitzy-performances, showcase ninety staff members who have volunteered to participate in a humorous performance to contrast the professional setting in which students usually see them in. Along with the 90 staff members performing, ten staff members will work on the production team while 25 more will help with ticket sales.

The Faculty Follies aren’t just enjoyed by the students who come to watch them, but also by the people who work to create them. The Faculty Follies are a “show that brings people together—administrators, teachers, classified employees, instructional assistants, interpreters, student-teachers all unite to create a fun and memorable show for University High’s students,” Ms. Heidi Martasian (Social Science Dept.), a producer of the show, said. “The Follies give our hardworking  staff time to play, to welcome new colleagues and make them feel part of our family. It is a way to tear down the disciplinary walls that keep us apart for so much of the year. It is truly a labor of love as the staff members work for many months and countless hours to develop their acts. ”

“It’s a great way to shake off AP week and celebrate the UHS community,” Ms. Ranae Bettger (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.), a participant in this year’s performance, said.

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