Pre-Thanksgiving Stress

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Pre-Thanksgiving Stress
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The week before Thanksgiving makes it a hectic holiday. (Roy Caratozzolo III/TNS)

The week before Thanksgiving Break is hectic at University High School (UHS). For five days, students are overwhelmed with work and eagerly look forward to their homework-free week off.

All the teachers give tests the week before Thanksgiving Break to avoid having students pick up information mid-chapter upon returning to school.

Mrs. Jelnick (English Dept.) said, “The current calendar is tough no matter how you work it. I look forward to the possibility of an early start and hopefully ending the semester before winter break. It seems sound to have an academic term end before a break that is two weeks.”

Even though students appreciate the relaxing mental break while celebrating Thanksgiving, the pressure preceding the week is intense.

David Collins (Jr.) said that his week consisted of “six tests in two days—more stress than during finals week.”

More than just the chaos of extra schoolwork, the performing arts department’s production of the fall play “Stardust” showed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Cast and crew members, had it especially tough. Christine Ho (Jr.), said, “I didn’t get home until 11 every night. So that’s when we had to start work.”

Once this week ended, UHS students were able to truly enjoy their homework-free Thanksgiving break.

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