Proposed changes to school parking postponed

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Proposed changes to school parking postponed
The “Junior Lot” is covered by solar panels and conveniently located for students just steps from the 200s Classroom Building. (Martin Chinn)

News Editor

The administration has decided to postpone earlier plans for both solar-panel parking lots to be allocated for staff parking until next year.

Right before summer break began, the administration announced to move the student spots that are located under the solar panels across from the 200s classroom buildings, known colloquially as the “Junior Lot,” to the parking lot facing Culver.

Next summer, the district is slated to repave University High School’s parking lots. The administration, upon a closer examination, found it more cost effective to relabel the student parking spots as staff parking spots next year as opposed to this year, and thus delayed the transition until next summer.

“I’m really glad they’re not changing it this year,” Tejas Dhindsa (Jr.) said. “The Junior Lot is by far the most convenient [parking lot] to park in and use.”

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