UHS to Receive Upgrades to School WiFi

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UHS to Receive Upgrades to School WiFi
UHS will receive comprehensive WiFi network upgrades that will optimize technology usage throughout the campus. (Belana Beeck)

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University High School is planning major upgrades to the current WiFi system over the next year. Spurred by problems with data and connection in the past, the upgrades will increase internet speed and improve network stability throughout the whole campus. For larger classrooms of forty students or more, more devices will be able to connect to the school WiFi.

The upgrades will require all of the network cables to be replaced, so the duration of the project will depend on the amount of time needed to find a suitable vendor to put in the new cables. The project, estimated to begin during the summer of 2017, will not be finished until the 2017-2018 school year.

However, changes are already being made. The computer lab and classrooms that utilize Chromebooks have received upgrades. There is also an increase in internet access points, marked by white “drones” on the ceiling, around campus. The WiFi connection is so much better around the orchestra room than it was last year,” said Mahek Logantha (Sr.).

In the midst of the changes, the Guest network login for students and internet firewall safety filters will stay in place. The upgrades will allow teachers to use sites such as YouTube for instructional purposes, but the number of sites available for students will largely remain the same.

Mr. Dominic Fratantaro (Librarian) admits that the network changes may not be exactly what students want, but believes that the upgrades are heading in the right direction.

“We are going to try to hit as close to the vision of the whole campus having internet access,” Mr. Dat Tay (Tech) said. “From the stadium to the quad, every open area.”

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