Cha for Tea Reopens after Renovations

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Cha for Tea Reopens after Renovations
Cha for Tea now has a new interior design and kitchen renovations. (Vicki Li)

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Cha for Tea, a popular boba and Taiwanese snack place for UHS students, recently reopened after two months of modeling.

Located next to Mendocino Farms in University Town Center, Cha closed in early June, and many students have been desperately waiting for the reopening. The scheduled reopening date was postponed by about two weeks.

The new interior design takes out the display shelves of tea sets, which gives more room to the sit-down dining area and the kitchen. The walls were painted white with a green-leaf decoration and brighter lighting was installed.

There is no major price adjustment. However, the new Cha no longer offers meals or snack samplings, and drink samples have increased from two to four varieties.

According to manager Victor Lin, the primary reason for the renovation was to make kitchen operation more efficient.

“We changed the way we blend our drinks so they will be fresher and more consistent.” Lin said.  

Students have mixed feelings for the new Cha.

“Cha has always been my favorite boba place,” Eric Yang (Sr.) said. “It’s nice to have a boba place close to school, but the wait is significantly longer and sometimes only one register is open.”

According to Lin, the speed will pick up as the new staff receive more training.

Students with a Trojan Discount Card can enjoy a free upsize if they pay in cash.

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