Tro-Glo replaces long-established Jersey Jam

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Tro-Glo replaces long-established Jersey Jam
Students dancing at Tro-Glo with glow sticks and blacklights (Pailani Ledbetter)

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The Associated Student Body introduced the first ever Tro-Glo dance this school year, replacing the traditional Jersey Jam dance that has taken place at UHS for as long as most staff members can remember.

The confusion with the concept of Jersey Jam was a primary reason for its replacement.

“People assumed they needed a jersey to go to the dance,” ASB Vice President Dillon Sun (Sr.) said. “Because of that, Jersey Jam did not have large turnouts in previous years.”

Student leadership overwhelmingly supported overhauling Jersey Jam.

“Changing Jersey Jam was a unanimous decision made by the entirety of ASB,”  ASB President Andrew Nguyen (Sr.) said. “[Everyone was] present in the planning process, which took place in the summer during ASB Retreat.”

The administration agreed to change the longstanding Jersey Jam after meeting with ASB, and did so without much hesitation.

“The ASB students were excited about the theme and thought it would be enjoyable for the students,” Dr. Kevin Astor (Admin.) said. “We didn’t have any reasons to believe the theme would cause any issues, so we approved it.”

Unlike Jersey Jam, Tro-Glo included blacklights, glow-in-the-dark bands and bracelets as part of its theme.

“[The new features] give off a mysterious and eerie vibe that welcomes a whole new spirit of intensity,” Eric Hung (Jr.) said. “I’m extremely grateful to ASB for giving us new opportunities. Props to them and all the hard work the Student Activities Center has put in as well.”

Tro-Glo took place in the gym, where students grouped up in the center of the dark room and danced to the loud background music. Glow-in-the-dark wristbands and necklaces were sold as bundles for $2.

It is still uncertain as to whether or not Tro-Glo will stay  permanently or if Jersey Jam will return next year.

“This will be a decision made by the ASB students based upon the climate of the school as a whole,” Co-Activities Director Ms. Shannon Bunch (Science Dept.) said. “Themes can change over time and when new groups of students come through.  So no decisions have been made.”

A lot has changed at UHS this year in terms of schedule, staff, and administration. Now, Tro-Glo has joined this list.

“ASB has been working vigorously since last April to bring innovation and creativity to our school,” Nguyen said. “There have already been a lot of changes lately, from Activities Directors to administrators, and many will say it’s challenging; however, there are several bright and exciting ideas [coming from] bright and exciting people who view our new situation as an opportunity [to make better changes].”

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