UHS Football breezes by Estancia to remain undefeated

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UHS Football breezes by Estancia to remain undefeated

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With a 37-7 win over the Eagles, the Trojans have started off back-to-back seasons with a 4-0 record. University is currently ranked 1st in PCL pre-league standings. The Trojans are one of eleven teams in the O.C. that remain undefeated.

As the first quarter was underway, the Trojans were unable to find the back of the end zone due to costly penalties. Keeping the Eagles from advancing downfield, Estancia was forced to go four and out on every drive and continued do so for most of the game.

At the end of the first, the score was all tied up at 0-0. With the Trojans scoreless, they wasted no time in the following quarter. Daniel Dolan (Jr.) was the first to score with a 6 yard rushing touchdown and 10:45 left in the quarter. His touchdown would be followed by another from Clark Smith (Sr.), and later Alex Pourdanesh (Jr.).

A hard hit by Francisco Clouthier (Sr.) on an Eagle player brought the game to a stop. While in transition of plays, the player remained motionless until the athletic trainers came to his aid. The stadium was silent until the paramedics appeared and carted him away.

“Although it seemed bad, he just got hit hard and what went on tonight was just precautions that are performed to ensure the wellbeing.” Alyssa Alpert (Athletic Trainer) said. The Eagle player is currently being monitored at a nearby hospital near Estancia.

As the game went on, the coaches decided to force a halftime with 58 seconds left in the first half. When the game picked back up, Smith rushed for a 62 yard touchdown to increase the Trojans score to 37-0.

“It felt great and was an overall team effort.” Smith said. With every touchdown completed off a run, Smith shone the most for his rushing effort, a total of 123 yards (O.C. Varsity).

Leading up to tonight’s game, star running back Sam Winder’s (Sr.) MRI came back negative, so he will be sidelined for the next two weeks. Smith, in place of Winder, showed he could step up when needed.

A huge part of the win came from a defensive shut down led by Thomas Stea (Sr.) who had an interception and three tackles that night.

With 17 seconds left in the game, the Eagles scored off of a two yard rush to the left side. The Trojans were not able to complete the shutout but still won with a score of 37-7.

Next week the Trojans face the Adelanto Saints who are 1-4 in season. The game is expected to be a blowout for UHS.

The Friday following marks the first league game where the Trojans play Beckman at home. This will be Winder’s first game back to the roster if all goes expectedly in the next week.

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