Boys Water Polo Narrowly Defeats Beckman in Close Game


Ben Gomez (Sr.) prepares to shot a goal against Beckman (C. Chen)

Sports Editor

Boys Water Polo won 16-15 in a close game against Beckman on September 29th. This victory not only helped the team develop their skills, but also increased their chances of going to CIF.

As the first quarter began, Beckman started with the ball and made a couple shots. UHS had a quick defense, with Ben Gomez (Sr.) dropping back and protecting the goal. With Cameron Bernardo (Soph.) playing as goalie and a strong defense, UHS was able to improve by half-time.

“Since the Division drop, [UHS] has a good chance of making the league playoffs…”, said Jasmine Choi (Soph.), who was watching the game. “I think they also have a better chance of winning this year.”

In the third quarter, UHS was able to score multiple times in a 6 on 5 setup, a play where one player from the opposing team is kicked out, and thus UHS has more offensive players.

The game intensified and one team member, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said “I think this year’s team will surpass last year’s performance.” 

Seniors Brad Nunamaker and Daniel Campanaro brought their team up to 15 points, while Beckman had 15 points as well.

During the final quarter, UHS and Beckman went back and forth with the ball, with Bernardo having to block multiple shots from Beckman.

“I looked up at the score board and saw we were only down by 3 after being down 6,” said Campanaro. “I thought…we could really win this”.  In the final .7 seconds of the game, Gomez scored, helping UHS win with 16 points and Beckman with 15.

“[This win] goes to show that no matter what the rankings are it doesn’t matter,” said Campanaro. “Anyone can be beaten on any given day, and that gives the team the confidence to win.”



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