Darrius Outland: Star Player On and Off the Field

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Darrius Outland: Star Player On and Off the Field
Darrius Outland(Sr.) ranked no. 52 on OC Varsity’s “Hot 150” entering the season. (J.Nagy)

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Darrius Outland (Sr.), star cornerback for the Trojans, is quite a story to tell. His journey began when he witnessed RG III on television and was inspired to play quarterback for the Trojans.

Despite having been forced to play another position, Outland looked to the defensive aspect and picked up cornerback for the Trojans.

After working hard for the next two years through intense offseason and summer workouts with OC Elite, Outland and his mom decided it was time for a change of scenery-Outland would leave UHS to go to Villa Park.

At the time, he thought that the program there is more devoted to winning and highly respected.

After two months, Outland and his mom decided that he is better off at University as he said his mom said, “football only lasts for so long.”

With his education in mind, Outland returned back to UHS, saying Villa Park was a “great experience and a really good program [to be in].”

Looking to have a memorable season, Outland not only expects his team to go all the way in CIF but also to personally lead league in both tackles and interceptions. Having recently committed to Fresno State, Outland looks to continue playing football after high school.

“It felt really good that my hard work, blood, sweat and tears have paid off,” Outland said after being offered to play Division I football, “I was nervous about it, but when the time came, I was happy and blessed.”

More worried about helping others than helping himself, Outland showcases his altruism by participating Autism awareness walks and working at Mariners Church. At home, Outland likes to spend time with his family and is currently preparing for upcoming ACT tests.

Becoming the star football player of UHS is just a piece of what makes Darrius Outland the Darrius we have all come to love. As a hardworking, determined student athlete, Darrius Outland is a star both on and off the football field.

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