Interstellar: a poem

Staff Writer

With Blight, came corn,
And all we had was dust,
To no future, we farmed,
And no life, we cultivated,

But in Lazarus, we found Mann,
And suddenly we had hope,
So we voyaged with,
We voyaged to hope,

And there we were,
Caged in metal,
Etched and lost,
We needed Mann,

In the dark and the dead,
We sought Lazarus,
In the abyss, the emptiness,
We longed for future,

But to our dismay,
He waited by her, Gargantua,
Black and dark, her heart,
And to his demise, Mann

But to that night,
We knew no gentle,
We raged, raged,
Into that dying good night,

Into that good night,
Time and space, transcended
We found love, Lazarus
We found future

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