More than nine hundred students attended the homecoming dance

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More than nine hundred students attended the homecoming dance
Students dance to the music at homecoming (Emma Swaim)

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Over nine hundred students went to the animations-themed homecoming dance, a significant increase of around 50 percent from last year’s turnout of six hundred students.

ASB Treasurer Michael Wu (Jr.) believes that the dramatic increase in students was tied to the administration’s decision to keep the price of the dance at a flat rate of $35 after the second week of sales.

“The ticket prices [this year] did not raise as drastically as they did in years past,” Wu said. “This [encouraged]  more students to buy tickets.”

ASB Vice President Dillon Sun (Sr.) attributes the dance’s higher turnout to this year’s theme and successful promotion.  

“I believe [the higher turnout of students] may have been because of the new theme and underclassmen connection to social media,” Sun said. “Every year we have homecoming askings posted on Instagram, When I followed the homecoming asking page[in 2015], it had under 300 followers. I think that the aesthetic appeal of homecoming instagram page connected to many of the underclassmen, [who have instagram accounts]. Now the page has 1,151 followers. In addition, I believe the new theme of animations, [largely Disney], was more appealing than cities was last year.”

The dance was held by the Associated Student Body after a week of lunchfest activities and Spirit Night. At the event, many students were happy with their homecoming experience.

“Homecoming 2016 was one of the best homecoming [dances] I could have spent with my friends,” Morais Burge (Sr.) said.

“I was really excited for my last homecoming and the night totally lived up to my expectations,” Dominique Abraham (Sr.) said.

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