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Football downed by CDM

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Varsity Football lost their second game of league to CdM by a score of 47-7 to go 1-2 in league.

Despite having the game controlled and dominated by the CdM offense, the Trojans fought hard. The score was only 21-7 after the first quarter with UHS trailing.

The touchdown scored by University came from a six yard rush from Alex Pourdanesh (Jr.) and the PAT that followed was made by kicker Nick Loveland (Sr.).

In second quarter, the Sea Kings started to pull away. The Trojans still made great plays within this quarter. One noted play was an interception by cornerback Jackson Muniz (Jr.) to save what would have been a touchdown.

Going into the half, the gap further widened as the  score became 34-7. Missing a PAT, CdM was not able to score the extra point.

In the third quarter, the ball was in favor of the Sea Kings, as they scored twice on touchdowns to make the score 48-7. Until the end of the game, no team scored as the ball traveled back and forth with constant three and outs.

CdM came out hard early in the game and the Trojans were not prepared.

“This game was a missed opportunity for what could have been,” wide receiver Farbod Memarian (Jr.) said.

Next Friday, the Trojans are to square off at home against Irvine. There are only two games left in league with University playing Woodbridge for the last game of their regular season. If UHS is to advance to CIF, they must win both games.

In previous games this season, Northwood had beaten Irvine by one and Irvine had beaten Woodbridge by three. With that in mind, the next two games are expected to be good match-ups. All four teams–including UHS–are tied for last place in PCL behind CdM and Beckman.


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