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The Loop: A Restaurant Review

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A new sweet place is taking churros to the next level by serving it with other sugary products and giving it a new design. The Loop opened in Westminster over the summer, and has introduced new versions of this nostalgic dessert to the Orange County community, by dipping the churros in different flavors, glazing them with colorful toppings and serving them in cups of ice cream.

Walking through Bolsa Avenue and seeing all the Chinese restaurants is like walking in one of the streets of Beijing. But thirty feet further, in the corner of the street, is The Loop, serving a new version of the churro, a dessert people from all around the world crave.

Earning 3.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, The Loop has attracted many people to buy the new generation of churros for only three to five dollars, depending on what they order. The place itself is also lovely to hang out on Saturday evenings. Customers have the option of eating their dessert in the restaurant, while other churro distributors such as Disneyland and Costco don’t offer a specific inside seating environment.

The bakery offers three types of churros: dipped, glazed, and chilled. Dipped churros come in a small cup with one of the four different dips the place offers: Nutella, strawberry, tiramisu, and a new flavor called Dulce de Leche. The second type of churro that The Loop offers, Glazed, is a churro covered with different toppings. The beautiful decorations on this type makes it the most popular one on social media. However, the third kind, the Chilled churro-which I ordered-is the most popular. Served with ice cream, the Chilled churros have a unique taste that the other types of churros don’t. While customers can just order the churro alone, the big sign at the back of the store stating  “Life is Sweet” urges them to try out one of their more innovative options. The Loop also offers an appropriate drink menu to go with the churros.

Being one of the greatest fans of churros, I decided to have a taste of The Loop’s churros. After waiting about ten minutes in the long line at the store, it was finally my turn to order. Normally I don’t try new foods, but this time I decided to order the most popular item the staff members recommended to me, the Chilled cookies and cream churro. I also asked to order a drink, and the cashier explained the four different teas and coffees they served  that complement the snack. I ordered a Thai Tea.

After about ten minutes, my order was ready. With the first bite of the churro, I realized that there was something different in its ingredients; it was was much sweeter than the ones I had tasted before. Also, I noticed that the there was less cinnamon in it. Though I was disappointed at first, after dipping the Churro in the ice cream that came with it, I realized that the combination, though strange, was unexpectedly delicious, one that no one has ever tasted before. I paid a total of  8 dollars, which seemed fair.

Overall, the store has gained many fans, especially among families that want to enjoy a delicious snack in a pleasant atmosphere. With the various flavors and types of churros the store offers, there is no wonder why people are willing to wait in the long lines to buy this amazing appetizer.

The Loop
9729 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92683
Sunday-Thursday 12pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday 12pm-12am

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