Ceci Langlois: University’s Cross Country star is on her way to CIF Finals

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Ceci Langlois: University’s Cross Country star is on her way to CIF Finals
Cecilia Langlois (So.) smiles brightly for the camera as she receives her medal for sixth place at PCL Finals. (A.Li)

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The sound of a pistol echoes through the air as a rush of adrenaline shoots through the runners as they leave the starting line in the dust.

Sophomore year has been one for the books for one varsity cross country runner. Ceci Langlois (So.) is heading to the CIF Finals on Saturday November 19. As the only runner from UHS to qualify for CIF, Langlois took the Pacific Coast League by storm, placing in the top six at the final league Game of the Week (GOW) meet last week with a time of 18:13.

“I was really nervous in the league meet because there’s more pressure to do better”, Langlois said. As her time and performance indicated, Ceci did not let the nerves and pressure get to her.

Langlois continued her surge at the D1 Southern Section CIF Prelims meet in Riverside on Veterans Day.

“She went in as an underdog and proved everyone wrong once again, placing 9th in her heat and qualifying for CIF Finals next weekend” Girls Cross Country Coach Eric Davies (Athletics Dept.) said in an announcement to UHS staff. “If she makes it past finals, she will compete at the State Championship meet in Fresno… against the best teams and individuals in Southern California next Saturday on the same course.”

All of UHS is behind our sophomore star as she continues her historic run but especially her fellow XC teammates. “She’s really good at running. It runs in her family with her and her mom both being amazing runners” Varsity Cross Country teammate Sara Sussman (So.) said. “Ceci is an amazing runner placing 9th in her CIF race this morning on her birthday now going to semifinals.”

Running runs in Ceci’s family with her Mom who was a star Trojan XC runner couple decades ago. Ceci’s sister, Isabelle Langlois (2016) was also a cross country and track athlete at Uni. Langlois’ idol has always been her mom and is now following in her footsteps with the torch now passed onto her.

When she’s not running cross country in the spring, Ceci is running track for the Trojans. Not only does she dominate on land, but in the pool as well. When she takes off the running shoes, Langlois hops in the pool for the water polo team. She’s also played soccer on numerous club teams including West Coast, Slammers, Pateadores, and Junior Blades. It’s safe to say Ceci does it all.

Despite it being her first year running cross country, Ceci will be the first one to say that she didn’t just hop on a track one day and instantly dominate. She stresses daily improvement and goal setting.

She wakes up early when it’s still dark outside to run sprints on her street in Turtle Rock. In addition to being a hard worker, her friends describe her as witty, always with a joke or sarcastic comment ready in her arsenal. There is a certain confidence Ceci constantly carries with her that goes hand in hand with her competitive ability.

With her eyes set on next Saturday’s CIF finals in Riverside, Ceci Langlois will do what she does best. Run.

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