Bee: a soliloquy

Staff Writer

I am sitting on a park bench. The bench is made out of metal and feels cool to the touch. Good thing I wore a coat today. It’s rather chilly.

I’m eating lunch right now. It looks like a burger and it tastes like beef. It’s probably not, come to think of it. Oh well, food is food.

As I’m eating, my mind wanders. There’s not much to look at from this bench. This is a pretty boring park.

I check my watch, it’s half past twelve. Damn. The day just flies by when I don’t have to do work. Otherwise it drags on so excruciatingly slow.

It was a nice sunrise we had earlier this morning. Or, at least, I imagined it was nice. Storm clouds were forming and you could only assume the sun had risen.

Oh, hello. Who’s this? It’s a little bee, come to keep company. Hey there, I’ll call you something nice. But is it really my place to give you a name?

I’ll just call you bee friend. Hey, bee friend. What brings you here? Can’t be here looking for honey, I’m too salty for that.

Are you just here for fun? Well, I can’t give you much of that. But I’ll try. Just so you know, trying is very trying.

So, bee friend. Thanks for sticking around. I know you like to fly high, so dropping down to my height is nice of you.

You’re so grand and great and majestic and striped. And you are a bee and also a friend. If you were to sting me, what would I do?

I wouldn’t mind being stung, to be completely honest. I’ve been stung before, but I’m trying my immunity. Another stinging wouldn’t be too bad.

Still, I’d rather we didn’t go and do that sort of thing. You stinging, me stung. Our current situation is cool as is. Well, bee friend. What do you say?

Sting me now or sting me later 0r never sting me at all. I’m sure you have reasons for everything you do. You, so high, are obviously better than I, so low.

Whenever you’re around I feel such a buzz, I’ll always enjoy the time we spend together. Me looking up for you, you dropping down for me.

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