Field of Daisies: a short story

Staff Writer

I open my eyes and drowsily take in my surroundings. I feel the sunshine warming my bare arms, and the cool blades of grass poking my back. I look to my left and see him by my side. He is always here for me, the only constant in my life. Amongst all of the turmoil in my life, I have always known that I can depend on him. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and the person I trust the most in the world. So many secrets, laughs and kisses have been shared. Just being in his presence makes me feel warm and complete with the purest form of happiness.

I drink in his appearance and admire his soft brown eyes and tousled hair. He stretches out and plucks a daisy from the field, gently tucking it behind my ear.

All I know in this moment, sitting here with him in the warm sunlight, is that I adore him so much.

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