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UHS Comedy Sportz Presents the Annual Alumni Match

From left to right, Stephen Manga, Noah Obtsfeld, Jordan Bodie, and Kerri Luttrell (Sr.) watch Corinne Alsop (Sr.) performing during the match.

From left to right, Stephen Manga, Noah Obtsfeld, Jordan Bodie, and Kerri Luttrell (Sr.) watch Corinne Alsop (Sr.) performing during the match.

Staff Writer

UHS’s Comedy Sportz team went up against Comedy Sportz alumni in the annual Alumni Match on Friday, December 16th. The alumni arrived home for the holidays from all over the state. The audience and the contestants were excited to see former Comedy Sportz stars once again onstage. But much of the excitement was actually after the show, when the current Comedy Sportz team greeted the alumni, old UHS companions who had gone off to college. “It’s not just getting to watch [the alumni] again, it’s also getting to talk and practice with them beforehand. It’s a reminder of how the team used to be.” said Corinne Alsop(Sr.).

The memorable and comical match left the audience in tears. It started off with a casual opening game, but when the alumni and UHS Varsity Team came in, the show became quite intriguing. With members of the current team facing off against past members, the competition moved to a new level. In the first half, the Varsity captain, Alsop, went against Noah Obstfeld. Even though Obstfeld earned wild cheers from the audience, Alsop didn’t lose confidence and successfully led her team to victory in the first game. But the captains weren’t the only enthusiastic contestants. Yamini Nambimadom seemed to be one of the most competitive members of the alumni team, eager to win the game one more time after leaving UHS.

The second half was even more engaging. The first game involved contestants sneaking into audience seats and defending their team’s selected argument, exciting people in the audience. The competition between the Alumni and the Varsity teams was so close that when Mr. Voice, Ellena Eshraghi (Jr.), announced the scores after each game, they sometimes only differed by a single point. The second half included all aspects of a usual Comedy Sportz match, including drama, humor and competition such as Eli Tita and Austin Barber’s fight scene, which  was one of the most hilarious parts of the show.

For me, the most entertaining part of the show was the Don’t Laugh game. Some members, such as Dalton Nguyen (Jr.), kept expert poker faces in order to not lose. Yet no one could hold a straight face for long, and after a time, everyone burst into laughter. The show also featured some pop culture competition within the Alumni group, as they decided to do the bottle flip challenge while the Varsity Team discussed their plans.

The show’s humor and thrilling competition were definitely why Tejas Dhindsa (Jr.) mentioned that the alumni match is always “one of [his] most favorite matches.” He continued, “I missed playing on stage with [the alumni] since we learned watching them play.”

Although the alumni match is only once a year, Comedy Sportz matches are held in the Big Theater monthly. The next match will take place on January 27th.

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