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Feature: Pedro Palmaka experiencing a brilliant season
Pedro Palmaka (So.) celebrates goal against San Juan Hills. (M.Chinn)

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Pedro Palmaka (So.) is an offensive juggernaut at the forward position for the Boys Varsity Soccer team. From being a starting Varsity player as a freshman to being in the top three for goals in PCL, Pedro Palmaka has really made a name for himself.

During his freshman year, Palmaka had three goals along with three assists. This earned him a spot on second team all league. This year he has scored seven goals and is the current assist leader with seven. Palmaka is showing improvement in all facets of the game.

“I try to learn as much as I can from the older players and always have my ears open for advice.” Palmaka said.

There is a likely chance with the success that Pedro has had so far this season, he will most likely make first team all league, a highly respected award. From making clutch goals in the final minutes of games, to cycling and socializing with friends, Pedro Palmaka is a star both on and off the field.

Yet not everything about Palmaka revolves around the sport he loves. He is a huge cyclist and as he’s on the road, he is listening to his favorite hip hop artist, Chance the Rapper.

Coming from a Brazilian background, the sophomore loves his heritage. Having grown up in Florida and Brazil, Palmaka sees University High as a community that has embraced him with open arms these past two years.

Having said that, when he is out on the field, he feels immense pressure is lying on his shoulders. To help relieve some of the pressure, he drinks a cup of coffee to stay energized and re-ties his shoes to ensure his cleats are as tight as possible.

Obviously what he is doing is working, for the Trojans have only lost one game all season. For Pedro, all he wants is to keep winning and not let his team down.

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