Farewell, Mrs. Rector: A seventeen-year legacy

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Farewell, Mrs. Rector: A seventeen-year legacy

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Rector in Action Finishing up her last days, Rector keeps up with her duties as well as making final memories with students. (Bethany Huang)

Ms. Cidne Rector (Staff) loves her job.

Commonly known as the ‘SAC mom’ by her aids and the ASB students she works most closely with, Rector said, “I think it is the best job in the whole district. I get to work with ASB, staff, the administration, Sword and Shield, and yearbook. I couldn’t ask for a better job or a better group of people to work with.”

This year, not only will Rector see her 17th group of seniors leave, but she will, in fact, leave with them.

Rector has chosen to retire this year and spend her time supporting her husband, who has a health condition, and she is leaving big shoes to fill.

Rector’s accounting skills in the SAC has led to the ACLU having zero audit findings in the past years. She is most well known for her professionalism and skill at her job, as well as her kindness towards colleagues and the students she interacts with daily.

A long-time colleague and friend of Rector, Mr. Mike Gerakos (P.E.), says, “Ms. Rector has had an impossible job trying to balance the funds and the budgets and handle disbursements and check requests and I’m sure it was a taxing job for her at some times, but with me she was always very supportive and any organization I worked with she always went out of her way to be very professional. I think whoever is going to take her place is going to have a tough time matching that record.”

After her 17 years, Rector says she has learned one of the most important lessons. “I would say I think one thing I’ve learned is that, as an accountant, I know the job and I think I kind of expect everyone else to learn it right away when I explain how to fill out check requests and what policies and procedures are… What I’ve learned is you have to have patience. Patience and understanding… That’s not easy to come by.”

Perhaps her greatest legacy is her contribution to ASB. For the entirety of her career at Uni, Rector has been a pivotal part of ASB and has become a center of student government life.

“We’ve had a long history with Ms. Rector,” said ASB Treasurer Michael Wu (Jr.). “For ASB events and such she’s a huge help. Like, this year, we got a lot of new advisors, and Ms. Rector has been a big help with getting them integrated into the program and helping them go along throughout the year.”

Rector has been present at almost every single ASB event, such as the new annual puppy event, held during finals week at office hours, where she was there working alongside ASB advisors and students to help keep the event organized and running smoothly.

Ms. Rector is also a friend to the students in ASB. “She’s very motherly,” said Gauvri Nathwani (Sr.). “She’s always taking care of us.”

Sharing in Nathwani’s sentiment, ASB Secretary Vicki Chen (Sr.) said, “We call her SAC mom, because she’s always very appreciative and she cares a lot for her fellow staff members as well as always helping us out.”

Not only has Rector had a strong impact on students involved with ASB, but also she has connected with the entire student body as well.

“One time, during my sophomore year, when it was raining really hard, I had nowhere to go,” said Sarah Way (Sr.). “She was really nice to me and just let me be a stowaway in her room until the rain stopped.”

In addition to all of her official work on campus, Rector often demonstrated her kindness and generosity through baking and quilting.

“I’d have to say my favorite memory of Ms. Rector was decorating Souplantation for ASB banquet three years ago,” said former student Arni Daroy.

“It was my first time working with her not in the SAC and she was just so excited for banquet; she even baked everyone a loaf of banana nut bread to take home.”

ASB, accounting, and even quilting all make up just a fraction of Rectors legacy, and whoever comes in next has big shoes to fill, but Rector says, “Sure it’ll take some time for them to understand everything, it took me a couple years, but I’m sure it’ll work out. It’ll work out for all of us I know that.”

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