In a World: a poem


Staff Writer

Imagine a world where you blink to clarify a picture,
Or see and understand different perspectives,
Instead of being blindsided by time.

What if you breathed in order to purify the life around you,
Supplying for the nature that surrounds you,
Instead of inhaling for your own existence,
And taking in more than you need.

Think of a place where you hear every word
For its understanding instead of its definition,
Taking in the knowledge that fulfills history,
And brings life to the world’s diversity;
Instead of justifying the narrow picture and the meaning
You came up with inside your own head.

Let’s say you invent a meaning in a meaningless existence,
That enables you to say your own truth,
Engraving it into your own actuality,
Bringing it to life,
Giving it its own voice,
Instead of relying on the inclination of others,
And painting over the original statement you believe in.

Just blink for a second,
Breath for a minute,
Think for a few moments,
And speak for a lifetime.

Just be.


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