The Mystery of Formal Artists

WhodUNIt? This year’s theme ‘Sherlock’ is showcased with posters, bids and more across campus. (UHS JCL)

 Staff Writer 

Every year, the Winter Formal dance has been advertised by artwork created by student artists. Yet many are unaware of the extent of the involvement by the students and teachers who are responsible for these advertisements, such as the bids, chalkboard decorations and murals that are seen around UHS promoting the dance.

This dance has been put on annually by UHS’s very own JCL (Junior Classical League) and the artists themselves are part of the club’s board working as the Artistic Commissioners for the latin program. The bids for this year’s formal were done in advance and were designed by Eugene Rhee (Jr.), Ena Chen  (Jr.), and Nancy Wu(Sr.).

Creating theses designs is crucial for formal’s success.

With help from the president of JCL, Celine Nie (Sr.), Wu Said, “The artistic commissioners design the art, and publicity for JCL are the ones who design the posters.” The artists also created the bids, which are found with the tickets and list out all the information attendees would need to know about the location and time mixed alongside a themed design.

Chen said,  “The bids were created to relate to the theme of formal being mystery and envy sherlock holmes in a way”.

Every year, a mural is also designed to convey the theme of formal and is presented to the students as well. Taylor Knight (Sr.) is one of many artists who are helping to create the mural and she said “It will go on the 200s building lockers, it designed to capture the theme, which is mystery for this year.” Many are looking forward to the new art that will be shown as formal approaches. The artists seem to create the impossible, impressing everyone through every piece.

The advisor of the club, Mr. Josh Davis (Language Department) said, “A lot of the artists that work for ASB and UHS Arts Core are also members of JCL, so we have cross culture going on.” He emphasized that, especially in JCL, it is important to him that that artists of UHS are recognized for the major role they play on campus because, “there is no way UHS could function without them.”

Leading up to formal, there is plenty of planning to be done. JCL organizes everything within the club. All art is done in house and is designed among the six artist commissioners. Wu Being one of the artists explained, “Celine Nie is the one who wanted us to come up with the logo, expressing the need for one image that shows the theme whodUNIt, so whenever people see it, they will know it is for winter formal.”

Winter Formal has given these artists an opportunity to grow and present their artistic talents to the school. As formal approaches, the artist’s’ designs shine more than ever, as the mural, posters and bids are presented around Uni.

Davis, who is delighted by the work of the artistic commissioner expresses on behalf of the latin club, said, “We [JCL] believe in each other and we all support each other, especially our artists, because we believe in our artists and we will never censor them.”

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