Yeezy: a poem


Staff Writer

Encage my claws of hands, and I will hurdle my feet for them Yeezys,

Throw my feet in a ditch, and I will bash my skull for them Yeezys,

Knot my head down to a table, and I will gnaw through metal for them Yeezys,

Yank out my fangs, and I will carve swords out of my ribs for them Yeezys,


I finally copped them Yeezys,

I’ve traded my body and my soul, but nobody’s noticed,

‘Cause everybody still has them own shoes, and nothing else has changed,

But at least I can sleep lifeless, Knowing I have them Yeezys

Categories: Expressions, sword and shield

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  1. Dude, I have 3 pairs of Yeezys and I don’t feel remotely the same way that you do. This poem is cringy. It is more cringy than feminist slam poetry. I can tell that you dont understand anything about high end fashion. I hope you enjoy my feedback.

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