University High’s parking lot to be repaved and repainted over the summer


UHS’s blacktop parking lot will be resurfaced this coming summer. (Jenny Li)


Staff Writer

University High’s parking lot will be repainted and refaced during the summer, as it is due for another update.

“I think every couple years, we just resurface it [the parking lot]… It’s just so it is sealed again and cleaned up a little bit,” Kris Kough (Admin.) said.

The parking lot is due for an update, as many say that there have been some problems.

“In some spots, the spaces have been redrawn so many times [and not painted over well] that where to park sometimes becomes confusing,” Vicki Li (Sr.) said.

In addition, the parking lot will be restriped so that the current junior parking lot will be only for staff use and will be relocated instead to in front of the gym.

“There will no longer be any student parking [in the junior lot]. That will be all staff,” Kough said.

The administration hopes that, in doing this, congestion in the parking lot may be alleviated. 

“Having the two designated student parking lot in front of the gym and behind the 300s will open up the front of the school and hopefully speed up the drop off process,” Kough said.

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