Girls Tennis move closer to CIF after a win against Northwood

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Staff Writer

Girls Varsity Tennis defeated Northwood High School with a score of 12-6 on Wednesday October 25. The match was supposed to be on Tuesday October 24, but was postponed due to the heat.

Double starters Mya Wang (Fr.) and Emily Markus (Fr.) stood out for the Trojans, winning 6-0. Therese Garcia (Fr.) and Ashi Parashar (Sr.) also helped the Trojans with a win of 6-1. Captains Kayla Agustin (Sr.) and Sasha Iraniha (Sr.) lost their match 4-6.

Kamar Alajeely (Jr.) dismantled her opponent in a 6-0 clean sweep. Cami Brown (So.) and Dana Feng (Jr.) each followed Alajeely’s victory with victories of their own.

“The goal, as I’m sure any other person would say, is to go as far as we possibly can but the competition is tough so it’s definitely going to be an interesting two weeks,” said Ayla Kaghazchi (Sr.). “My teammates played with definite heart and it’s clear their commitment lies on the court with each point.”

The Trojans are currently ranked second in the league. The Trojans look ahead to potential playoffs on November 1.

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