March For Your Life

Copy Editor

Get up now and march for your life,
For there’s more funeral invitations to send.
There is no end in sight to the strife,
The next shooting’s always round the bend.

It’s caused American families to be wrecked.
Congress refuses to pass a solution.
Most want universal background checks,
But the Right fears the gun lobby’s retribution.

Even if the young man rings warning bells,
To buy a firearm he is quite free.
We currently cannot defend ourselves,
All we can do is flee.

Money is not the main problem here,
It is primarily an issue of culture.
Rural voters have been filled with fear
By Republicans circling votes like vultures.

So to all the politicians out there
Who will read a gun control bill’s text,
Ask yourself this question, if you dare:
Which of my grandchildren is next?

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