Girls Volleyball defeats Northwood 3-2

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Girls Volleyball won a 3-2 against Northwood in their season opener Thursday night, marking a great start to their CIF journey this year.

At the beginning of the first period, the girls started off behind. Nevertheless, as the game approached the end, the girls surpassed Northwood in the fifth period and claimed victory.

“It’s one step closer by getting our blue ribbon,” Coach Garry Currier said.

This win against Northwood ends the girls’ three game losing streak in the league against the highly ranked Northwood team.

“We were really hyped because it was our first league game,” junior Serena Choi said. “That made us more determined to power through it.”

The girls cooperated with each other as a tight-knit team, resulting in a successful victory.

“Today we really powered through and had energy from the start to the end,” junior Lily Krongold said. “Everybody, everybody played their best.”

There were quite a few players who stood out. Krongold hit kills (an attack that results in an immediate score) twice in the first period and another three later in the game. Notably, Choi performed jump serves, assists and jousts (when two opposing players simultaneously touch the ball above the net) consistently throughout the game.

Coach Currier also commented on the performance of the team, giving credits to the middles and passings of the team.

“Lily and [Sophomore] Kiana [Zarghalami] played great,” Coach Currier said. [Senior] Taylor [Shuemaker] as well.”

With the excellent performance of all the players on the team, Girls Volleyball broke the tie 15-11 in the fifth period and won their first CIF league match of the year.

The girls’ next home game is on Thursday, September 13 at 5:15 p.m. against Irvine High School.

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