In season opener, Girls Golf destroys Northwood 226-185

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Staff Writer

Girls Golf won with a total score of 185-226 against Northwood High School on Tuesday, September 13.

“I felt excited because this is our home course and we’ve played here for a long time,” senior captain Emy Zhu said. “For this game, I was certain that we would win… we’ve never lost a league game in the past three years.”

Teamwork was a contributing factor to their victory along with their familiarity to the golf course.

“We came together as a team,” senior captain Dana Choi said. “I’ve been practicing a lot this summer…I think I did okay.”

Senior captains Nodoka Honda and Choi both shot 36 on par 36. However, the star player of this match was junior Alexis Kim, who ended up with a final score of 35 on par 36.

“Alexi is a rising star of our team,”  Zhu said. “Her performance today was within my expectations.”

After the final score was released, science teacher and coach Kevin Kasper complemented the team’s achievement.

“I think we are probably the favorite in this league so in all our matches we feel like we gotta be tough… we feel like we could beat just about anybody when we play good golf like this.” Kasper said.

The girls’ next match is their GOW, at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday September 18.

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