Girls Volleyball defeats Irvine 3-0 at home match

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Girls Volleyball defeated Irvine High School this past Thursday night with a score of 3-0, making it their third win this season.

Throughout the game, the team struggled to maintain their lead over Irvine, often times falling behind a few points and having to fight their way back on top. Both the coach and players were not fully satisfied with how they played, despite their victory.

“Tonight we had great moments and great plays, and then other moments that were not so great,” coach Gary Currier said. “[But] as the leadership takes over matches like this won’t be as close as they were today.”

Currier, new to the team this year, has previously coached volleyball for other schools such as Foothill High School and San Juan Hills High School. He has already made an enormous difference, and not just on the team, with the stigma surrounding volleyball changing under his leadership.

“We’re still trying to change the mindset of the traditional UNI volleyball feel,” Currier said.

Given the team’s 3-0 league record thus far, this season could very well be the one in which this does indeed change.

Junior captain Lauren Cho also felt that although they ultimately prevailed, the team as a whole did not play as well as they should have.

“I think that we played well against Irvine. But obviously, there are some things we have to clean up. I mean, the season just started so I’m looking forward to it,” Cho said.

Junior Serena Choi, another one of the team captains, agreed with Cho.

“Irvine was a nice win. We had our ups and downs, but I think at the end we all came together and pulled through,” Choi said.

The next Girls Volleyball game is on Thursday, September 20 at 5:15 p.m. against Beckman.

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