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Comedy Sportz: Welcome Match

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The theater filled with palpable excitement and cheers as students welcomed the new members of the Comedy Sportz team on Friday, September 21. The new students of the team come from a variety of grade levels. These new members confidently made their debut and received enormous amounts of encouraging applause from the audience.

The newcomers played several games in the opener so they could be introduced to the team and get accustomed to the sensation of improvising in front of a loud, enthusiastic crowd. One game that the audience particularly enjoyed was a game where the newcomers to the team would ask another member, “what are you doing?” The answers would then be based on an audience member’s initials or suggestion. If either player had a single moment of hesitation, they were out of the game, putting their improvisation skills to the test on stage.

When sharing her opinion on the newcomers’ performance, sophomore Mia Petkov said, “The newcomers have serious potential. They were really funny and great.”

The newcomers had also a spectacular time performing in front of students. Senior Amrut Ayyala revealed that he had been trying out for the team for the past three years, having always been a great fan of the Comedy Sportz team.

He shared his opinions on his first game on the team.

“I really enjoyed it! I’m excited to keep playing,” said Ayyala.

After the newcomers enjoyed their time in the spotlight, the match transitioned into its first half. The regulars of the team garnered enormous cheers from the audience as they came onto the stage for the first time that night.

The captains of the blue and red teams for the first half of this match were seniors Tristan Mogari and Max Cohen. The two teams started the first half with the game “what you got?” Players from both the teams were required to make up dance moves on the spot based on a suggestion from the audience. With each act, the audience grew louder and louder with laughter and cheers as the players from both teams came up with hilarious dance moves. The first half ended with the red team leading over the blue team with 19 to 14 points.

Later on, seniors Angelina Ross and Douglas Sun were introduced as the captains of the blue and red teams for the second half of the match. They, along with the rest of their teams, received immense acclamation from the audience, who had missed these members up until this point in the match.

Freshman Diana Saadatmandi enthusiastically shared her opinion on the match after the night had ended. She said “it was very creative and funny. I’m definitely going to go sell out more matches.”

Comedy Sportz will be hosting its Halloween Match on Friday, October 26 in the Big Theater.

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