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Strange The Dreamer is a novel by the author Laini Taylor. This story takes place in an older timeline with hints of unworldly wonders in it. The main character, Lazlo Strange, is an orphan that becomes a mentor librarian in the city of Zosmo where he was raised. He is in love with an unknown mysterious city of Weep that is forgotten all around the world. In a series of events, a mysterious caravan arrives to Zosmo with the people of Weep. They are searching for worthy people with skill to help with their city’s big problem. Lazlo begs to join them and is able to achieve his lifelong dream.

Taylor is absolutely amazing in my opinion. The way she is able to put words and plot together is something else. Lazlo is a weak character throughout the novel, but the author makes the weak characteristics work out really well for him in the end. Shifting in this novel is quite a change from reading Lazlo being nothing and stepped on then to being a very important role to the story. Lazlo is praised by the unknown city for being one of the only people that actually understands the language and knows the culture. Throughout the story Lazlo slowly learns who he actually is and his connection to the unknown city creates really thoughtful plot development. The one aspect to the story I didn’t enjoy was actually the prologue it spoils the ending and makes the ending twist less suspenseful and surprising.

Overall, this novel is one of the best I’ve ever read. The writing is absolutely beautiful with an amazing storyline and great characters that are good foils to each other. The ending of the novel makes you absolutely excited for the next novel and the whole plot puts you through an emotional rollercoaster. Taylor created Lazlo so well and his relationships with people makes the reader easily connect with his problems.

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