Day: October 4, 2019

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Places To Go, People To See, and Personalities To Change

By ELAINE ZHOU Staff Writer For many students, the qualifications of a good day are dependent on class clowns, shenanigans, or gossip to keep themselves entertained. People act differently in different situations, whether public or private, or with friends or family. The quirky, embarrassing side of a student that comes out when he or she is...


Critique: The Ins and Outs of Sophomore Council

By KRISHNA KHAWANI Staff Writer If you spend even a couple days at UHS, you’ll definitely hear a lot about student council, especially the leadership skills imparted upon its members, its level of involvement in the school, and the familiarity with corruption in the election process. On the off chance that you don’t know what council...


Spirit Week Crossword Answers

By WILLIAM DUN and ALBERT RONG Expressions Copy Editor and Staff Writer   ACROSS 1.) hungryhungryhippos 5.) beethoven 8.) chutesandladders 9.) thegameoflife 10.) britneyspears 14.) soccer 17.) michaeljackson 21.) chess 22.) nirvana 23.) eminem 25.) basketball 26.) clue 27.) connectfour 30.) tennis 33.) golf 34.) queen 35.) wrestling 36.) battleship 37.) johndenver 38.) football 39.) minecraft...