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College Board Moves AP Exam Purchasing Date


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College Board enacted sweeping changes to their registration policy this year, implementing a much earlier AP exam registration date, during the fall instead of early spring, and new late fees.

College Board, the company that created the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum, implemented these changes in order to “improve students’ chances of success”, reporting “an increase in scores of 3 or higher across multiple groups… [having] the strongest effect for students who are traditionally underrepresented in AP” when students register in the fall.

Exam purchasing will run from October 21st through November 15th, with UHS ending registration early on November 1st to provide a cushion for students, according to College and Career Specialist Ms. Angela Gatlin.

“If [the administration has to] wait until the last minute [for exam orders] and we have to order the next morning, it doesn’t give us much time to catch something like if someone signs up for the wrong exam. [With the extra two weeks] we have that time frame to make that adjustment,” Gatlin said.

Previously, students purchased exams in February and March, closer to May when AP exams are held.

According to College Board, over half of schools with AP programs already offered some form of fall registration, and students who registered in the fall in their pilot program were “more engaged and less likely to give up”, with that commitment translating into “more students taking the exam and earning college credit”.

Some students, such as Senior Gaurav Malhotra are unconvinced.

“I feel that if College Board kept the previous exam purchasing dates, it would be way better for the students, and seniors especially applying to college,” Malhotra, who took AP Language and Composition as a junior, said. “It’s very limiting on students because if you don’t have the opportunity to not take the test, it’s like you’re getting cheated out of your money.”

Additionally, College Board implemented late fees of $40 for students who purchase exams between November 16th and March 13th, and an additional $40 fee for students who do not take an exam after purchasing it.

College Board stated on their official website that “these changes help teachers create a classroom culture where students are committed and engaged”.

Many students however oppose the new fees, including Junior Daniel Zand, who is taking 5 AP courses this year.

“A lot of people decide not to take AP tests after they take an AP course… I think the College Board just wants to get more money,” Zand said.

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