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The Invisible Man: a Movie Review
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The Invisible Man was released in the United States on February 24th, 2020 (IMDb).

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Last Saturday, my friends and I decided to watch The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell. Making over 124 million dollars in the box office, as well as receiving a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I was extremely excited to watch the movie. Going into it, I was expecting to watch a horror film about an apparition taking control over Cecilia, the main character. However right off the bat, I knew that I predicted the movie wrong. It started off with a lady, Cecilia, frantically running around this beautiful seaside mansion collecting all of her clothes and items. She constantly looks back to the bed to see whether her husband is awake, as if she is afraid. After several minutes she was able to escape the house thinking that her husband was still sleeping. However, when her sister picks her up the husband comes rushing to the car, breaking the window in hopes of capturing Cecilia, but luckily, her sister is able to drive away. At that point, I realized that the movie had nothing to do with ghosts but rather an insane human being. My interest quickly elevated as the movie shifted from horror to more of a thriller. As the movie progresses, we find out that Cecilia’s husband has designed a suit that allows him to become invisible however there are ways of making the suit more apparent such as dumping paint on the suit. After several scenes of the “invisible man” tormenting Cecilia and her friends, the movie ends with her taking her husband’s life in the same home that the movie started in. 

In my opinion, I feel like the movie took a wrong turn by adding this fiction idea of an invisible man. Typically, thrillers do not involve fictional items so I was surprised to see this added to the movie. I feel that the movie could have been greatly enhanced if the invisible man was not actually invisible, but perhaps a man that works in the shadows, someone who can commit a crime without anyone being able to track him or her. If that was the meaning of “invisible man” for this movie, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. I feel that the supernatural aspect brought the movie in the wrong direction. That being said, I am not completely against the idea of fictional characters. In the classic novel The Invisible Man by HG Wells, the idea of a supernatural force fit the story-line very well. I really enjoyed how the author made the supernatural character fit the role of a proper criminal. In the movie, I felt that the invisible man was not a criminal, but rather someone acting out in anger. Overall, it was a good movie, but definitely could have had a better plot, which could have been done by making it more realistic.  

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