Tennis Dominates in 15-3 Victory Over Dana Hills

Staff Writer 
Girls Tennis beat Dana Hills High School 15-3, at their away game this past Tuesday, starting off their season with a strong performance.   
“It was a great way to start the season and I was happy to see us do so well against Dana Hills” said Senior Dena Nourouzi. “Tennis is a great game and even though I’m  a senior I feel that there is still much to learn and I feel really happy and excited. I’ve loved tennis so much these past 4 years, and I’m so excited for the final year at UNI” . 
Girl’s Tennis season has just started, so they are looking forward to continuing their success. The team hopes to continue on their success that they’ve had in previous seasons. Girl’s Tennis Coach John Kessler has had several winning seasons with both Boy’s and Girl’s Tennis during his time at UHS, even going on to win CIF several times. This year, the Trojans have a similar goal in mind as they look forward to the rest of their season. 
Girl’s Tennis’ next game takes place October 1st at 3:00 against Portola High School.