Girl’s Tennis Prevails in Impressive Win Against CDM


The UHS girls tennis team faced Corona Del Mar High School this past Tuesday, blowing them out of the water 15-3. After an impressive season last year that saw the team going all the way to  CIF finals, this team has shown no signs of slowing down this year, despite the loss of graduated players.
Throughout the game, the Girl’s Team never felt threatened, as they played extremely well from start to finish. Senior captain Yui Hashiyada was extremely pleased with her team’s victory.
“What impressed me most was the unity on our team. Many girls didn’t get to play, but the girls cheered and supported everyone regardless. Everyone was flexible with the game plan and all of us sacrificed time and energy for this game.” said Hashiyada. 
Girl’s Tennis Coach John Kessler was very impressed with his team’s performance, especially from junior Natalia Tobon.
“She had a great match, it was the first varsity match she started, and they were down 2-5, and they came back and won. She played some of the best tennis that I’ve seen her play.” said Kessler
When asked if there was some extra motivation to win CIF this year on UNI’s 50th anniversary, Coach Kessler stated, “100 percent. We’re well aware of it. We don’t want to make that be a distraction, but it would be nice to do something special on the 50th anniversary.
His players agree with his sentiments. “It would be amazing to win CIF this year on UNI’s 50th anniversary.” junior captain Emily Markus said. 
The girls team sits at 4-0 thus far into the season, and have outscored their opponents by a remarkable 40 points this season, and seem to be on their way to another highly successful year.
Girl’s Tennis’ next game will take place September 24th, against Peninsula.