Cross Country Competes at Asics Clovis Invitational

Staff Writer 
Cross Country Boys and Girls competed in the Asics Clovis Invitational – a meet tailored to varsity runners exclusively – on Saturday, October 12th.
Both varsity teams persevered, despite the lack of recovery they experienced from running in the League Cluster race just two days prior.
Junior Michael Blinstrub said, “The Clovis invitational was a tough meet for most of us, possibly because of the race we had 2 days before it (League Prelims). We as a team possibly didn’t have to recover fully for Clovis. I felt like it brought us together overall… as sort of a team bonding for varsity.”
Blinstrub placed with a time of 18:10.8 after Seniors Adam Gish and Raja Batra, and Junior Dylan Muniz for the UHS Boys team. Senior Avery Klauke, Juniors Collette Lowengrub and Sydney Field, and Sophomore Alissa Kopylova, were top runners for University’s Girls team this meet. 
Ultimately, the teams’ support towards each other develops their hard work, individually, resulting in rather impressive race times.
“My favorite part about Cross Country is the team and how supportive everyone is of each other” Captain Lowengrub said. “If you have a bad race then everyone is there for you helping you through it. And if you have an amazing race, everyone is so happy for you and it’s just the best feeling.”
Klauke, placing as the first runner for UHS, attributed her success to the competitive environment that this meet offered her. 
Senior Captain Klauke said, “I had never run this race before so I really didn’t know what to expect. But I actually really enjoyed the course. The race I was in was really competitive and that always helps me place better. Overall I was really pleased with how the team and I did.”
Blinstrub gave a special “Shout out to Coach [Eric] Davies and [Coach Courtney] Mosey for this meet. It was a fun experience… they had to offer for us on varsity.”
Cross Country teams are excited to compete in the Mt. Sac Invitational on Saturday, October 26th.