Girls Tennis Remains Undefeated


Girls Tennis beat Northwood High School 13-5 on October 15th, remaining undefeated in league thus far into the year. They currently are placed number one in league, while Northwood is winless 0-7. University still remains undefeated in the league. 
“Northwood High School is one of the tougher schools in our league, and I think the game taught us a lot about each other and the team,” said captain senior Dena Norouzi. “It reminded us that we need to continue to work hard and change something so that we can do better and be the best possible team we can be out there. Although we won it’s not always about our score, it’s about our own performance as a team and how well we all played as a team collectively.”
The Trojans are looking to continue the success they have already had into their league  playoffs this year, as they currently 15-0 on the year. The key league games left in their schedules are against Irvine, Woodbridge, Beckman. Girl’s Tennis’ next home game will be against Irvine High on October 22nd at 3:00 PM.