Kody Uyesugi’s Shot Makes Sports Center Top 10

Sports Section Editor and Staff Writer 
University High School Junior Kody Uyesugi’s near full court game winner against Sonny Hills went viral, making ESPN Sports Centers Top 10 plays. 
After allowing a bucket that put Sonny Hills in the lead, Uyesugi took the inbounds with under three seconds left, and heaved up a shot at the buzzer that banked in, winning the Trojans the game.
“When I saw it go in I didn’t even know how to react because there was so much joy and amazement,” Uyesugi said.
Despite the instant shock, many of his teammates weren’t surprised given the point guard’s ability and work ethic. 
“My initial reaction was this is going in because he actually practices that shot when we go to practice together and shoot around,” senior forward Sam Aryan said.
Uyesugi has been the team’s leading scorer and three point shooter for the past two seasons.
“When I saw Kody heave up the shot, I actually thought that he might have made it. I thought that if anyone was going to make that shot, it had to be Kody,” senior forward Will Stenta said.
After Kody’s brother, Kasey Uyesugi, submitted the clip to ESPN, it made Sports Center’s nightly top 10 players.
“When I later saw it on ESPN it was just a dream come true to be shown on national television in a high school game. I would have never ever thought it would be on TV. It was definitely the most amazing game of basketball I have ever played and it couldn’t have been better with a great group of guys,” Uyesugi said.
His teammates were equally as shocked when seeing the shot on television.
“When I saw his shot on ESPN, I was in awe. It was crazy seeing one of my best friends on sports center top 10 considering that as an athlete I’ve always dreamed of it. Craziest shot I have ever seen made period,” Stenta said.
The shot and victory also were crucial in gaining momentum for the team.
“It was easily the most insane shot I’ve ever seen in person and it was a great way to get our first win. I wasn’t even shocked when I saw it on sportscenter because the moment it happened, I knew it was going to go viral. And shoutout out to Mrs. Moore for getting a clean shot of it,” senior guard Arjun Gill said.