Girl’s Soccer Earns Second in League

Staff Writer and Section Editor
Girl’s Soccer finished second in League today following their 5-1 loss against Woodbridge, resulting in an overall season record of 7-3 and sending the team to C.I.F.. 
“We are really excited about going to C.I.F.. It was one of our goals at the start of the season, so I feel great to have achieved that” Senior Captain Tamara Nadjsombati said. “As a Senior, it’s comforting to know that our season is not over just yet. We have a talented team with great chemistry, so I’m optimistic about C.I.F.”.
Prior to this loss, the team had also defeated both Irvine and Beckman, winning 2-0 and 4-2 respectively. 
“The Irvine game was a very good win” Senior Defender Deborah Lee said. “We lost to Irvine earlier this season so beating them, especially during our G.O.W., was really great”.
Last year, Girl’s Soccer had also made it into C.I.F., moving on past the first round before losing to Camarillo High School 0-3 in the second. This season, they hope to improve upon this, confident that their bond, hard work, and countless hours of practice as a team will allow them to make it on past the playoffs.  
“The team is super excited and pumped for C.I.F. and I think we have potential to do well this year. We have been playing well recently and I think we have some good momentum moving into the first round of C.I.F.” Junior Defender Mollie Kessler said. 
“It’s super rewarding to be able to qualify as early as we have. We have never won this many games in league play before and it’s really exciting to see our hard work be executed into results” Senior Captain Katherine Billiter said. 
Girl’s Soccer’s next game, the first round of C.I.F., will take place this Tuesday, February 11th.