UHS Swim Off to a Good Start at Irvine Relays

Staff Writer 
Boys and Girls Swim teams started their season this past Friday on February 28th, participating in the Irvine Relays at the William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center. All six Pacific Coast League schools were in attendance, with a total of 3,179 athletes total. 
Girls Swim placed second overall at Irvine Relays.  
“I think I did pretty well because I was right on my best times” Junior Kristina Yan said.  
Boys Swim did even better, placing second in multiple categories like the 400 breast relay and first place in the 400 backstroke event. 
“Everyone tried their hardest and contributed equally” Junior James Koga said. 
University High School’s 400 backstroke team consisted of Juniors Javier Rodriguez, Wesley Tsai, James Koga, and Liam Horan, one of the swim team’s Varsity Captains. 
Happy with their results at the relays, Swim is looking forward to working hard and improving for the upcoming season.
“I think we are looking pretty strong this year and we have a really good shot at placing in the league. We need to just work on relay dives but it’ll get better as the season goes on” Junior Ira Chaturvedi said. 
“As a team, we need to treat swimming as a team sport instead of an individual sport. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you only focus on your individual swims. We are absolutely going to destroy everyone this year.” Koga said.