How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted UHS Athletes

Staff Writer 
On April 1, 2020, Governor Newsom, along with the Superintendent of Public Instruction Thurmond, directed all California schools to remain closed for the rest of the school year in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although academic compromises, such as adjusting to online learning and changes to the AP test, have been made, high school athletics have been struggling to do the same.
For many athletes, their spring season came to an early end after only a few games. While off-season sports have been able to adjust to distance learning, being given assignments where they record themselves exercising like they might otherwise, for most athletes, the training and conditioning that might otherwise do at school cannot be replicated at home.
“It’s also a little difficult to continue training for next season, as we aren’t allowed on campus and gyms are closed, forcing us to be creative by using equipment in our homes” said Junior Amerdeep Passananti , a member of the UHS Track team.
Especially for sports such as swim, COVID-19 has made athletics extremely difficult, as most public pools are closed as well.
“Because all the pools are closed, I’m sure all swimmers are suffering from an irrecoverable setback” said Junior James Koga, a member of the UHS Swim team.“There’s a well-known saying in the swimming world: ‘One day out of the pool,three days to make it up”.
Despite the setbacks, many coaches are still doing their best to make sure that their athletes stay in the best shape possible by giving at home exercises.
“Coach Pendleton has given us required workouts to do at home in hopes that we will stay in shape for next year” said Junior Kristina Yan, also a member of the UHS Swim team. .
For senior athletes, COVID-19’s impacts were especially harmful, as it cut many of their final spring seasons of their high school career short.
“Coronavirus has essentially canceled the rest of our track season. It’s sad because we were only able to get in two track meets, but it’s worse for the seniors since some of them may never run in a meet again” said Passananti.
Despite their harmful effects on their seasons, athletes understand the reasoning behind current circumstances and are doing their best to remain positive.
“It was disappointing at first, not being able to play this season, but I understand the necessity of the cancelation of the spring season due the importance of safety in regards to public health” said Junior Harris Mobin, a member of the UHS Lacrosse team.
“Although these changes are unfortunate, I understand it’s for the good of our community, and that our next season will be the best season yet!” said Pasasananti.