Model United Nations (MUN)

Neha Bhardwhaj, Section Editor


  • Model United Nations, or MUN, is a program designed to simulate the international body, the United Nations. Students act as delegates to represent various nations in their respective committees. Student delegates are assigned one or two real-life international problems to research. Then, in committee, delegates debate and discuss various aspects of the topics with the goal of creating resolutions (in other words, solutions). 


  • First of all, MUN is a unique opportunity to strengthen many core skills, including writing, public speaking, teamwork, and conflict resolution–skills that you typically cannot develop as deeply within the confines of a classroom. 
  • What makes MUN particularly appealing is that it is not just another humdrum academic activity. One of the key features of MUN is its performative roleplay aspect, as you take on a whole new persona and enter a situation unlike anything you would experience in normal high school life. Where else can you step into a room full of people you don’t know and negotiate nuclear arms deals, war resolutions, or the militarization of space?
  • Another great part about MUN is that there is genuinely something for everyone, as you can pick which committee you want to join for each conference. Whether you are interested in drug cartels, coral reefs, nuclear waste, or women’s rights, there is a committee for you. Some conferences have special committees where you are not even limited to the confines of reality. For instance, at Uni’s annual conference, we have created committees based on Marvel, Star Wars, and much more. 
  • Finally, MUN is a tightly knit club, and it is a great place to meet new people and form strong bonds. Not only has MUN brought me closer with people at Uni, but it has also allowed me to make friends with people from all over the nation.  


  • MUN is a completely open club, meaning you can join at any point in the year without any sort of tryout. When the school year begins, we will open up the email list for anyone to join, and it will stay open to new members for the entire year. We have an Instagram page (@uhs.mun) and a website (