AP Statistics

Elaine Zhou, Copy Editor


  • ≥ C- in Enhanced Math III (both semesters)
  • ≥ C- in Functions, Statistics and Trig. (both semesters) 
  • ≥ C- in Pre-Calculus (both semesters) 
  • ≥ B- in Math III (12th grade: both semesters; 11th grade: must be concurrently enrolled in FST or PreCalc)


  • Ms. Karen Hsieh
  • Ms. Rebecca Van Guilder

Description of course study

  • The AP Statistics course encompasses data collection and analysis as well as statistical inference. The course is cumulative, so you will be using concepts from early chapters in your understanding of later chapters.
  • The course is not only about inputting data into your calculator, but it also heavily tests your ability to do something with the data and finding conclusions about the statistical significance beyond the numbers.
  • Over the course of the year, you will be involved in a couple group projects and a final project per semester. Your projects might involve the use of the computer lab, whether it is creating powerpoint presentations and/or using analysis software such as Minitab.  
  • Each day in AP Statistics is composed of lectures and example problems. Before each test, you will have a review day, which may consist of Kahoots or review exercises. 

How to study for them:

  • It will be important for you to understand the graphing calculator functions necessary throughout the course. Although you may not need to use a graphing calculator for some tests, most tests will be graphing calculator based and it will be good practice for the actual AP test
  • You will be responsible for keeping track of all of your unit note packets, which will most likely be an important study tool for your success in the course.
  • The workload in AP Stats is generally fair and forgiving. You will be given daily homework assignments, but you will only need to submit all of your assignments for the unit by each quiz or unit test day
    • Homework assignments are not counted for points in the grade book, but you are required to complete all homework assignments for each unit in order to be eligible for quiz score replacement with your unit test score


  • The College Board
  • Khan Academy
  • Mathbits is a great reference sheet for your graphing calculator functions and explanations of some important stats tests/plots you will need to remember throughout the year.