Hope Squad

Luke Curtis, Section Editor

Created in Spring of 2020, Hope Squad is a student-led organization founded upon the idea of support and compassion for those struggling with difficult circumstances that may be causing them some mental health troubles. Led by school psychologist Dr. Nilou Tohidian in the administration building, Hope Squad members are able to meet with any student, whether physically on campus or digitally through devices, as they drift through classes and passing periods like every other student. Hope Squad members are specifically identified by their Hope Squad t-shirts that they wear on a frequent basis. Hope Squad members are easy to approach, and students are encouraged to have conversations with them in order to move onto the next steps of healing and fulfillment. Hope Squad conversations consist of describing the situation (if the student is comfortable with sharing), describing feelings and needs, while Hope Squad members listen intently to them, asking gentle, but important questions along the way. Hope Squad members will direct students to Ms. Tohidian for professional help to clarify and resolve situations outside of the scope of Hope Squad.