Comedy Sportz

Daniel Hong, Section Editor


Mrs. Jennifer Moore and Ms. Ranae Bettger


  • Comedy Sportz is an offshoot organization of Drama Club that specializes in improv performances. Members of the Comedy Sportz team compete against teams from other high schools as well as perform in friendly scrimmages against alumni and faculty. 
  • Comedy Sportz matches consist of two halves where each team attempts to score as many points as possible. Since two games are performed by both teams in each half, there are two opportunities in each half for teams to score points. Members of Comedy Sportz not only have to be quick thinkers but need to be able to read their audience, as audience approval is the basis for scoring.


  • Students who perform in Comedy Sportz matches are the Players. Players learn the different improv games during practices and perform these games during matches.


Joining Comedy Sportz will allow you to develop skills that are applicable in various fields.

  • Time Management
    • Just like any other extracurricular, Comedy Sportz is a time commitment as you will need to attend practices and matches. Joining Comedy Sportz will help you balance your schedule between academics and other activities.
  • Quick Thinking
    • The basis of Comedy Sportz is improvisation. As you continue practicing the improvisation games, you will learn to think on your feet more efficiently. This skill is applicable to important events such as job interviews or presentations.
  • Collaborative Skills
    • In Comedy Sportz, you work with a team to present the most entertaining performance to the audience. You need to learn to build off of what your teammates mentioned.


  • Anyone can audition for Comedy Sportz. During the audition, you perform improv with fellow students in front of the Comedy Sportz advisors, coach, and captains.